Solid oak skirting board image

Solid Oak Skirting Board

REVERSIBLE SKIRTING, combining torus and pencil round profiles on either side, available as 120mm and 95mm high in 2.4m lengths.
Packed 5 per box. Lacquered or sanded. Can be fixed using glue or pins. Profile thickness 20mm..

Solid Oak skirting board image

Solid oak skirting board illustration2


Length Summary:

Scotia 19mm 2.4m
Scotia 22mm 2.4m
T profile 0.9 / 2.7m
Ramp profile 0.9 / 2.7m
Semi Ramp 0.9 / 2.7m
End profile 0.9 / 2.7m
Stair nosing 3.0m
Skirting profiles 2.4m


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